Why Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Often when life becomes unmanageable and we are feeling over whelmed we may realise that we need to reach out to others for assistance. This first step of looking for help and taking the initiative to contact a therapist can take huge courage.

People will often present with a number of varying issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual abuse, relationship problems, Self- esteem issues, grief, loss, sexuality or life transitions. Therapy allows you to address these issues in an emphatic and non-judgemental relationship.

The way therapy works is that a holding space is provided, a container as such, for all issues to be explored. It is through this exploration in the therapeutic setting that negative patterns which can control our lives on a psychic, emotional and behavioural level can be examined. It is only through the light of awareness that we can begin to understand the implications of these patterns in our lives and how they may impede upon us in a negative way or how they can lead on to presenting issues such as those named above.

In therapy, we can look to the past, to gain a greater understanding of the origins of these negative patterns. Sometimes re-examining the past, allows an array of feelings that were never given space before to come to the surface now. When we become conscious of these feelings and connect to them we can release them and also see how they have unconsciously been impacting on our life in a negative way.