The Counselling Session

After an initial consultation, you can decide whether you believe we can work together. It is important to feel that you can work with me so we can develop a relationship of openness and trust. If you decide to proceed, I will ask you to commit to a minimum of six sessions over a six week period. After this initial six weeks we can review our way of working or you can decide if you wish to continue further. If you continue on into long-term therapy with me from time to time I may need to reassess and revise our way of working within this relationship.

My approach is to engage primarily on a verbal level. The client can use the space to explore any issues that are up for them at the present time or any unresolved issues and traumas from the past which may be affecting them today in any unhelpful or negative way. The therapeutic room provides a safe place where you can work through and process these issues with the help of me, your therapist.

As I am a biodynamic therapist, I will make regular references to the body and any feelings or sensations that may be present throughout the session. This allows you, the client to move out of your head and into your body in a way where you can connect more directly to your feelings and how these issues are affecting your emotional wellness and sense of well-being.

I also sometimes work more directly on the body depending on the needs of my client and the best direction for them. This could be in a case where someone has anxiety and needs gentle holding on the body to reassure them of their boundaries and to feel safe within their body. Sometimes body work can be about activating the parasympathetic nervous system where the client is stressed and overwhelmed and needs to let go and relax. In other cases it is about working with body armour and the way that can affect our spontaneity in life, making us rigid and less responsive.

Typically the therapeutic room would have two chairs and a massage table for body work if needed. Sessions always start on a verbal level and may move towards some body work later. Any changes from verbal to bodywork will be discussed and agreed between you, the client and myself.

Sessions can also involve the use of art if a client is more visually orientated. Mindfulness and a CBT approach may also work to serve the best needs of the client depending on the client and what works best for them.

I personally have experienced the benefits of working with the human body as a complete whole and genuinely believe that real change which is sustaining is brought about by working with the mind and body as a complete whole.

The fee for the session is 65.00 Euro and I offer some concession rates of 50.00 Euro for unemployed/low paid upon enquiry and agreement. The session time is usually 55-60 minutes and held once a week.

Any information you discuss is confidential except in certain circumstances which is under the guidelines of IAHIP. I have regular supervision which is also confidential. 

I conduct my psychotherapy service in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations ( GDPR) and adhere to your right to privacy for your personal information.