A little about Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapy

Biodynamic Psychotherapy was founded by Gerda Boyesen, a Norwegian Psychologist who established the Gerda Boyesen Centre in London. Biodynamic Psychotherapy takes a holistic approach to healing and working with people.

Unlike other forms of Psychotherapy, emphasis is brought to the body with the knowledge and understanding that the body holds onto emotional energy. This holding of energy results in emotional blocking in the body or what Willhelm Reich would have termed “ Body Armour”. Body Armour is a sort of bodily defence that develops from our childhood as a response to the emotional climate we experience within our family of origin and the social and cultural environment which we grow up in. We are born with the ability to live our life in an innate and vibrant way. However as children we adapt to whatever is our family norm in terms of expression of feelings so we tend to survive by repressing our true selves, our feelings and express only those feelings which are accepted by our family. This is further influenced by the society and culture which we live in and our behaviour and the emotions expressed are thus further influenced by what is deemed “acceptable” or “appropriate” in our culture.

Whilst this “Body Armour” can serve a purpose in that it is a form of protection, continual accumulation of armour throughout our life as a result of daily stresses only serve to impinge upon our vitality making us less spontaneous and more rigid in many aspects of our being. Body work can help facilitate the release of this repressed energy which we can then work to integrate in order to bring greater freedom of expression, vitality and joy to our being. Body Work is also of great value when we are working with Trauma in the body and its sensitive nature.